The growing up years

The growing up years

Kumaresan, better known as Nepoleon, was born on 2nd December, 1963—the fifth of six children. Hailing from a middle class family, Nepoleon was well acquainted with hardship and hard work from a very young age. His father, an agriculturist, worked hard on his farm while his mother busied herself with bringing up 6 children.

Often, Kumaresan had to help his father on the farm and protect the land from miscreants during the night. This simple background has taught Nepoleon how to deal with life in a practical and straightforward manner.

His father’s simple and spiritual nature and his mother’s frank, self reliable and helpful qualities made a deep impression on young Nepoleon. Today, Nepoleon is known as a man who is completely approachable and open hearted. He is also deeply admired for his forthrightness and his self-reliability.

From a very young age, Kumaresan was inspired to make it big in life. An ardent believer in the power of hard work and perseverance, Kumaresan studied and played hard even as a child.

He excelled in both academics and sports and won many laurels for his school. His leadership abilities and interpersonal skills manifested itself right from his early days. He was always the class monitor and was unanimously voted the school pupil leader in class 10.

An entry into politics

An entry into politics

After college, he headed off to the city in pursuit of his dreams. It was during this time that he was touched by the ideologies of the DMK. The humanitarianism embodied by the party struck a chord in the idealistic youngster and he decided to join the party under the wing of his uncle, K.N. Nehru, a great leader and the Public Welfare Minister at that time.

Politics gave Nepoleon ample scope to develop his leadership skills and extend help to the masses. Identifying himself with the common man, Nepoleon was soon hailed as a people’s leader.

Entry into Cinema

At 27, watching ‘Udhayam’, a Telugu movie, Nepoleon felt an urge to act. Until then, Nepoleon had appeased the artist in himself by writing poetry. But now, the time was ripe for bigger and better things.

An entry into Cinema

n approaching Bharathi Raja, the young aspiring actor was auditioned for an upcoming movie. His performance was impressive enough to bag him many more roles. With Seevalperi Pandi,” his career as an actor reached a new high. Nepoleon has also acted in a few T.V. serials like “Kandha Puranam” and “Udyogam Purusha Lakshanam” in the early 90’s and “Thekkathi Ponnu” in 2008. Today, Nepoleon is considered as an actor who lives his roles with perfect realism.

An entry into Business

An entry into Business

Nepoleon’s entry into the business world was to an extent, the outcome of his political tenure. Disturbed by the large scale unemployment of qualified youngsters, Nepoleon decided to start his own firm. Nepoleon's maiden venture Jeevan Technologies started in 2000 in Chennai, and then expanded into USA and New Zealand. Today, the company has employed more than 800 professional.

In the year 2008, the Jeevan IT Academy was started with the mission of training graduates to enter the corporate world with a thorough knowledge of industry standards.

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